Saturday, April 21, 2012

TweepsMap Widgets

One of the most useful features (At least, I find :)) at TweepsMap is the ability to create widgets. You simply click on the Widget button at the top, select the type and you get your Html code for the widget.
Here is a chart version of the widget

And a map version

Have fun experimenting with the widgets.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Republican Primary the Twitter way

The current republican primary is generating significant buzz in social media, but what if Twitter users voted for their candidate similar to how they followed them?The answer is certainly intriguing, but requires analyzing millions of followers of the 4 leading candidates in the race:

Mitt Romney338 thousand followers
Rick Santorum127 thousand followers
Ron Paul238 thousand followers
Newt Gingrich1.4 million followers

Plotting this data gives us this chart:

At first glance, Newt Gingrich wins the race without any contest, but considering the nomination is won based on state delegates, we need to see how the breakdown comes out state by state. We generated a TweepsMap for each of the candidates:
NewtGingrich's TweepsMap
RonPaul's TweepsMap
Mitt Romney's TweepsMap
Rick Santorum's TweepsMap

Then we used TweepsMap analytic engine to perform our analysis and compare the candidate profiles to each other.

The first interesting result we see here is that Newt Gingrich's advantage drops significantly on per state basis. Further analysis reveals that a big majority of Gingrich's followers did not fill their user profile. In fact 64% of his followers did not enter a valid location in their profile, this number is higher than a typical profile which normally falls between 10-30%. Of those who filled their profile, Gingrich has a smaller percentage (51%) of followers from the US compared to the other candidates who average around 75%, meaning that only 18% of Gingrich's followers have actually entered a valid US location. Mashable has reported last year that only 8% of Gingrich's Twitter followers are human, while our number is a little higher we are going to leave Gingrich's results in our analysis for the user to judge if it should be counted or not.

Santorum on the other hand appears to be far behind the other candidates in most states. This of course could be attributed to the lack of momentum Santorum had in the initial phase of the campaign, in addition to the fact that both Paul and Romney have been around on main stage politics for much longer including previous presidential runs. In addition, both candidates have much better organized campaigns with more energetic volunteers.

Looking at the state by state data few numbers stand out: Ron Paul gains 56% of the followers in Utah! Utah also seems to be the lowest percentage Santorum than any other state, certainly a state to watch.

Massachusetts gives Romney 49% of the vote which makes sense considering he was a previous governor of that state. Iowa on the other hand gives Santorum his highest number (at 16%) interesting considering he actually won the caucus there, and Pennsylvania gives him 15% which makes sense considering his residency in that state.

Overall we find the results interesting, and may correlate well with the actual results at the primaries themselves.

Friday, February 10, 2012

TweepsMap on BBC

A few weeks ago friend of mine told me that TweepsMap was shown on BBC click. The funny part is that he did not know that TweepsMap was mine, he was just watching the show and thought the app was interesting so he googled it only to find my name all over the place. Who said "Google Plus your world" is not cool?
Anyway here is the show covering for TweepsMap it is in the first segment (after the ads)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More media coverage

Few weeks after the mashable article, TweepsMap got significantly more media coverage. CNet wrote a how to section on how to map where your Twitter followers The Next Web also wrote about TweepsMap. AllTwitter's Lauren also wrote about tweepsMap under "cool stuff" (Thanks Lauren!) and Maximum PC also thought that TweepsMap was the cool site of the week - thanks guys!
It is great to have so many people try out your apps, but even greater to find so many blogs write about it.
Thanks everyone for the great coverage!

Friday, November 25, 2011

TweepsMap featured on Mashable

Having worked hard to build the TweepsMap project, launching it was a little tricky. It was like starting up a new fire, it catches on then it dies on very quickly. There is a certain formula on how to attract others to check out your service, without being too intrusive.
Anyway, throughout the process, few blogs featured TweepsMap on their sites, including Google Maps Mania coverage TweepsMap, few other spanish blogs, but I did not expect how large the effect of Mashable on the number of visitors, as soon as the TweepsMap article was published our servers were overwhelmed, that we had to beef them up, and the wave continued for days. It also had a ripple effect that many other major blogs would write about the service.

Thanks Mashable!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shake event not always cool :)

Some users complained that if they were driving in a bumpy car ride, the shake event would trigger and the app does something it wasn't supposed to do.Well, I did not think of bumpy rides:) so I am now creating a specific checkbox to disable shake event in bumpy rides.
Enjoy the new fixes, and don't shake your phone too much!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updating the Finder framework

Just released a new version of the TimHortons Finder Android app that is based on the new Finder framework. This time the framework introduces new concepts like:
* Shaking the phone to bring you to the nearest location
* Share with friends a location that can work on Android, iPhone or even desktop browsers.
* Opening a share link send you directly to the details page within the app
* Accuracy range for current location

The framework has also been enhanced to include fixes.
Enjoy these updates everyone, and find your the nearest TimHortons Locations right on your Android