Sunday, November 14, 2010

Toronto Parking

Say you were driving around looking for parking in Toronto, you looked around and around and found nothing but super expensive lots, you parked your car somewhere and right after you walked out of the expensive lot you find a GreenP around the corner!! ahhh that happened to me once.
So I took it upon myself to find a parking app on my Android (My friend built an app for the iPhone) but I could not find one on Android! c'mon! So I decided to spend a couple of hours to to build an app based on the finder framework for Android I have been working on. And it worked!
No I don't have to pay those hefty $20 fees anymore, nor should any other smart Android user.
Download the Toronto Parking app for Android, or iPhone and enjoy saving on parking.

Monday, November 8, 2010

LCBO and Beer Stores in Ontario

Finding the nearest liquor can be difficult at times especially if you are not in your neighborhood. Quite often you will need to use your computer to find the nearest store, and then it might not be open at the time.
Here is why the Ontario Booze finder comes in play. You can use your Android to find the nearest location with the phones GPS to see what's around, or even search a different neighborhood or city. It will give you directions to the store, operating hours and even the stores phone number.

And if you don't have a data connection it will still work, though with limited functionality (no maps integration or directions) but still does the job!
Give it a try, it's a free app.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tim Hortons Finder

Finding the nearest TimHortons location has got a lot simpler, with Android TimHortons finder app, you can  avoid driving around to find that Timmy around the corner, especially in those frigid winters. Make use of this free app and save time!
With the help of your Android's GPS locate Tim Hortons stores nearest to your position. You can get directions to the selected location using Google maps directions.
The app can work in offline mode (Though offline mode does not support driving directions and google maps). Sharing with friends on Facebook, Twitter, email is also available.

More details on Tim Hortons Finder